Sunday, September 2, 2012

Universal Studios Islands of Adventure: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

This was probably the best part of the whole trip, better then Disney World and the Cruise, its just astounding walking through Hogwarts and you except for all of the throngs of people you really feel like your there. The only thing that sucks about the park itself is that they are horrible about getting poeple through lines efficiently, most rides only have one car going at a time and no fastpass system unless you want to pay tons more money to get a line cutter pass.
3 Broomsticks

We ate a pretty good meal there
The Butter Beer tasted awesome! It was Cream Soda with a buttery tasting foamy top.
 Honeydukes was awesome, we bought chocolate frogs for my Mom & Sister.

 Hagrids Hut

Theres a fun but very short Hypogryph ride




We waited around 2 hours for an awesome tour of the castle with animatronic Harry, Ron, Hermonie & Dumbledore, then a broomstick ride at the end, best ride of all of the parks hands down, felt sorry for Nathan that he was too small.

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