Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bingo Night

Ben's school had Bingo Night last week. The funny thing was that Charlotte was the one who got into it the most!

Ben's first lost tooth

Ben's first adult tooth started to grow out and so Ben has been working on loosening the baby one. It finally came out at school a few days ago.

Charlotte's Birthday

This week was Charlotte's Birthday. I made her two big cookie's and then used an I Love You cookie cutter that I found at Target and switched the letters between Cookies. Funny thing though I was tired and accidentally switched the Love and the U!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Bike

Nathan's main Birthday gift was a new bike, but since we were in Utah during that time all he got was a picture of it printed from the Toys R Us website. Since we got back I've been really busy setting up an on-line buisness and other things, but I finally got around to building it this week. Nathan was so excited about it that he had to sit on it while watching TV!

Riding Bikes Outside

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Morning

We got in at Midnight and were setting up Christmas until 2am, but it was worth it. The boys were very happy.
Small Legos sets in their stockings along with Resses Peanut Butter cups and an Orange in the toe.

Santa brought Ben a Lego Space Police set and Nathan got Ultra Magnus fro Transformers Animated.

Christmas Morning

The boys got Charlotte two watches since she loses them easily, she actually already lost one. I got her a book, a DVD, a jacket and a few other things.
Ben got Nathan a Spiderman figure Vulture.
Charlotte got me Lost Season5, Star Trek and Harry Potter 6 on DVD along with
a Marvel superhero game from the boys. The boys got a lot of underwear and pajamas from us.

Christmas Day: Ann's House

After opening presents from Santa and each other we went to Ann's house to exchange gifts.

Ann gave the boys the Millenitum Falcon for their little figures.

Christmas Day: Ann's House

Time with David & Paul's Family

Paul's Family
Maddie, Paul, Katie, Megan, Alex, Shelley and McKay The toddler is a loaner, one of Shelley's sister Robbin's kids.
Davids Family
Chris, Erika & Brinn

Playing in the Snow

Chris and I went to see Sherlock Holmes and so the cousins played in the snow on Saturday.

Dinner at Chuck-A-Rama

Saturday Evening we went to Chuck-A-Rama or as some in the family calls it "Chuck-A-Grandma since Grandma Larsen likes it some much.

Chris & Ann Bigalow, Grandma Larsen & Erika
Sophie (Chris Bigalow's daughter from his first marrage) her friend and Austin
Jordan, Zack, Kinball, Ben & Nathan
Jordan's (Chris Bigalow's son from his first marrage) growing and now is a big as David.
David & Chris Larsen

Alex's Mission Open House

Alex had his Mission Farewell speach at church which was really good and afterwards his family had an open house get together. He's going to the Ukrane Mission.

We met Adam's Fiance Rachel at the Open House for the first time. David & Chris gave them a very nice picture of the temple.
Ben woke up this morning and told Charlotte that he didn't want to go today. She thought that he ment to church since he's going through this phase of not wanting to go to church. She inquired further and found out that he didn't want to go to Adam's Wedding Reseption since Rachel would look like a princess and there would be lots of yucky kissing! (He's also into this big anti princess thing at the moment) Lucky when we actually got him there on Monday he was OK with everything.

Charlotte visiting her Father's Grave

Charlotte was able to visit her Father's Grave. It was an emotional visit, but knowing that families are eternal gives us peace. That is one of the main reasons why Mormons marry in the temple to make our Families Eternal.

Zackary's Birthday Party