Sunday, November 20, 2011

Halloween 2011

Nathan loves book series called Elephant and Piggie, Charlotte got him an Elephant hat.

Ben was a Ninja this year

So was Nathan

Ward (church) Halloween Party, I was doing face painting the whole time.

This is the Pumpkin that I carved, the boys did pumpkins earlyer, but we forgot to take pictures.

I won two awards

Halloween 2011

Every year Acacia has a Halloween Costume Parade, Ban & Nathan were Ninjas.

Halloween 2011

Nathan's Teacher Mrs. Berg was a Starbucks Cup which even though I don't drink coffee I thought that it was quite cleaver.

Nathan and his friend Freddy

Class party, Charlotte volunteered to help

I toke Ban and Nathan Trick or Treating at the Mall and then to a few select church members homes.
Charlotte and the boys surprised me with Breakfast in bed on my Birthday, it was a really nice day until I realized in the evening that I had left my Flashdrive with the whole semesters assignments at school and was stupid enough to not back it up to my computer. Luckily even though I never found it I was able to recover all of the projects since I had already turned in most of them to the teacher. One of the assignments even got into the school display case. The did have to redo one though, but even that I was able to do it in time to turn it in. And yes I have backed everything up on my computer now.

Ben and Nathan watching Saturday Morning Cartoons

Primary Temple Trip 2011

On November 11th our Primary (Church Youth Group) went to the Temple to walk around the grounds and to go to the visitors center. Charlotte and I went since we had the day off of work and school. (I've gone back to school) After wards a friend took the boys and we went into the Temple and out for a nice dinner in the Beverly Hills area. It was a nice day.
Nathan was a little punk, he kept on making faces every time that we tried to take his picture.

Primary Temple Trip 2011

Primary Temple Trip 2011

Nathan's Lego Creation