Sunday, July 19, 2015

Ben and Nathans Excellent Movie Adventures: The Karate Kid

This last Monday we visited the shooting locations of the movie The Karate Kid. Because it's The Karate Kid the boys did Karate poses

This is where they shot the High school scenes in the Reseda area, it used to be an actual working high school, but now it's an Adult Education Center. This is where they shot the parking lot scenes.
This was the commons area
The lockers when Ali
The field where Ali had cheerleading practice and other scenes took place
The gym where the dance was, it's a warehouse now, they let us go in to take a quick picture.
This is the outside of the apartment complex where Daniel lived

The courtyard/pool area
This I believe was Mr. Myagi's Workshop, also on the right was the fence/field where Daniel was running from the Cobra Kai in the skeleton Halloween disguises and was saved by Mr. Myagi.
This was the outside of the Cobra Kai Dojo in Burbank, its now an aerobics gym.

Here's the sites I used to find these places.

Summer Band Concert

Ben took a summer Band Camp and on Thursday they had a concert. All of the instruments had a solo moment besides playing as a group.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Ben and Nathans Excellent Movie Adventures: ET

Monday we went to pick up Charlotte from the airport and on the way we stopped in Porter Ranch in the neighborhoods where the movie ET was filmed. The first 3 pictures is where Elliot, Gertie and ET went trick or Treating.

This is where Gertie was waiting for the other kids, a website says that the chain link fence was replaced with this metal one.
This is the backdrop that Spielberg used for the bike flight scenes.
This is where the bus stop scene was shot.
These pictures are a few places where the shot the police/bike chase.
This Park is Porter Ridge Park (ET park by the locals) is where Elliots friends met up with him and started the chase. The caterpillar is still around.

This next street was where all of the boys rode down the street at took off into the air.

Smash Bros Championship

Ben had a Smash Bros Championship. His friend Josh came and he was supposed to have more, but they couldn't show so Nathan jumped in.