Monday, September 3, 2012

Magic Kingdom


 New Fantasyland, looks like they are going to add a Beauty and the Beast Castle, along with a 7 Dwarfs ride and other attractions.
 It was cool to be able to return to Tomorrowland where I worked about 13 years ao in te Disney Collee Program

I remember going through the tunnel system thats under the Magic Kindom back when I worked here, I met Donny Osmond with his two boys, I was also freaked out when I saw female Mickey Mouses carrying their heads around and Cinderella taking a smoke break. Good times, good times.
I remember I had a friend who worked in Imaineering and had actually worked on this Toy Story/alien mini shop, I had noticed while working that one of the aliens was missing an arm, so I told him. He told his boss/team about it, they wanted to fix it, but it was too late so to this day theres an alien with only one arm on top of the shop.

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