Sunday, January 20, 2008

Nathan's 3rd Birthday

Nathan's Birthday always gets over shadowed by Christmas since it's December 3oth. But we made sure that he had a good one. He recieved a Cars Helicoter with a Mater that pops out and says things a Duplo Train and a Geo Trax Train.

Family Visit

In the afternoon we visited Aunt Genniel & Uncle Bob, Aunt Ruth & Uncle Harold & Norman

I recieved Season 3 of one of my favorate shows Lost. Charlotte also got me tickets for us to go to see Wicked in LA next Saturday!

Austin knitted Zachery a Hat for Christmas.

Christmas at Ann's House

After opening the Santa Presents we went over to Ann's house to exchange gifts and to eat breakfast.

Ben recieved this paint Dinosaurs set and a set of Dinosaurs stamps. Ben & I have had a lot of fun painting them and using the stamps. Ben has brought the dinosaurs to the Show & Tell for both of his classes.

We purchased Ben his first set of scriptures since his Primary class at church has asked that the children have their own set.

Ben & I also like to play with big kids legos together during Nathan's nap time. We got him a Star Wars Lego set.

Look what Santa brought!

Santa brought Ben a Spiderman playset with some extra X-Men figures to go with it.

Nathan recieved a big Buzz lightyear with Pixar cars.

Grandma Larsen got coal, just kidding. She got an orange and candy.

Paul recieved a Star Wars Pop-Up book.

Charlotte recieved an Nintendo DS.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Nathan's Class Picture

We couldn't find Nathan's class picture when I scanned in Bens class picture. Mrs Georgette's class Next week I will put up Christmas day picture AKA the greed fest.
Ann helped Ben and Nathan light her Pyramid.

Chris read the boys Twas the Night Before Christmas

Christmas Eve Pajamas

Another tradition of Charlotte's family is to open up a new set of pajamas on Christmas Eve.

Im not quite sure, but Im guessing that Nathans saying "I call you dirty Percy!" He got that from watching Thomas the Tank Engine on PBS and ever since has been going around ether saying "Don't call me dirty Percy" or I call you dirty Percy!" PBS is of the devil.

More Nativity

Christmas Eve

December 23rd we had a big Christmas Dinner earlt. This is the kids table.
Charlotte's family has the tradition of acting out the Nativity story on CHristmas Eve.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Temple Square

After the Dinosaur Museum we toke the Trax Train over to Temple Square in Salt Lake City to see the lights.

Ben kept on pushing snow into the sidewalk

Dinosaur Museum, Thanksgiving Point

They had a play area for sand & water with dinosaurs

This is the Dinosaur that Ben & I built.

Dinosaur Museum, Thanksgiving Point

Breakfast with Santa

Ann's Family

The Santa was pretty good

The Grinch & Cindy Lou Who weren't very good.

Breakfast with Santa

We went to Breakfast with Santa later in the week, the boys really loved it. I was less improssed by it.
Grandma Larsen, Ann & Kimball & her son Kimball

Ann's Thrre boys Kimball, Zachary & Austin

Chris & Sophie. I felt sorry for Chris walking in he slipped & fell on the ice and blcked out for a few seconds.