Sunday, May 30, 2010

Father Son Campout

We really don't have any camping gear so we just went for the night time fun. The boys ran around for awile and then the Bishop and others gave messages about the Priesthood. Then we had Smores and Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches.
This first picture was actually quite high.

Henry's Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party

Nathan's Pre-K friend Henry invited his class to a birthday party. Nathan had a lot of fun.

Henry's Birthday Party

At the end there was pizza and cake. They then put Henry in this glass tube thing and locked him in and tickets started flying up for him to grab. He started freaking out and it took a minute for the stupid Chuck E. Cheese worker to dig his keys out of his pocket to let him out. Im just hoping that the kid isn't scared for life.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mall Ride, Chomp & Stomp and Helping Hands

Friday Night our Ward (church) had a family dance called Chomp and Stomp. It was really fun tons of food which the boys loved and we even got Ben and Nathan to dance with Charlotte. (She did use the this is for Mothers Day guilt trip on them, she milks that for all its worth for as long as she can.)
Saturday our church took part in Mormon Helping Hands which is a yearly things to help out in the community. We repainted fences at different parks.

Charlotte & Ben Dancing at church family dance

Charlotte & Ben Dancing at church family dance