Sunday, December 22, 2013

Nathan's Christmas Chorus Performance

We bribed Nathan into taking Acacia Chorus this year since he's such a ham and we really wanted to channel that into something, He seemed to like it and we're hoping that he continues with it, We're already working on him to try out for this springs play "The Little Mermaid". I've even threatened Ben to stop teasing him.
The kid above Nathan with the glasses is one of Ben's friend's Sunoo

Nathan's Chorus Performance at the Mall

On Monday Evening they performed at the outdoor part of the Mall.

Ward Christmas Party Santa Pictures

So somehow my Tablet got broken during our Ward Christmas Party, but the funny thing was that I had recently received some money from an insurance claim for some very old  Lincoln books that got ruined in a flood at my Moms home. I was going to use the money for a new class and a Wacom tablet for my PC, but because of this I ended up using for a new tablet, which is actually better then my previous one so I don't feel too bad about not getting the Wacom. Anyways long story short Charlotte had to ask a friend to take these pictures on her phone since my tablet was broken and we forgot to charge the regular camera. This is Ben and Nathan's Neighbor friend that they invited to come along. Both Ben and Nathan are asking for a Nintendo Wii U.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Ben's Birthday Breakfast

For Ben's Birthday Charlotte woke up and made Ben Breakfast, Nathan got Ben a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game for Nintendo Wii.

We got Ben a Lego The Hobbit set.

Ben's Bridging to Boy Scouts Pack Meeting

Nathan carried the flag in the flag ceremony for the first time, s he pulled the flag out it started to tip backward and it was funny seeing the brief look of shock before he managed to right himself.

Ben graduated to the 11 year old group of pre-Boy Scouts at this last Pack meeting.

Ben received a bunch of awards

He shakes the hands of his old Den

They have them cross a bridge as a symbol of bridging over to Boy Scouts

Then he shakes the hands of members of his new Boy Scout Pack and a Bishop

Then later they marked his face with Boy Scout symbols

Ben's pinned his Mom with the Arrow of Light award pin when he received that award

Then they presented him with a real Arrow plaque/display that represents all of the awards that he received. This one is way nicer then the arrow with a string tied to it that I received.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Nathan's International Thanksgiving Class Party

Nathan's class was asked to bring a dish that comes from a country that his ancestors are from, so since Charlotte served her church mission in Switzerland and since my Maternal Ancestors are from the same area we had him bring Muesli. Being California half the class had food from Mexico and the other half from European countries.