Monday, October 19, 2015

Spokane Trip: Birthday Party

Since my Sister turns 50 today and I turn 40 next month we came to Spokane to celebrate.

Spokane Trip: Japanese Gardins

Spokane is a sister city to a city in Japan and so it has a really pretty Japanese Gardin, so I wanted to go and take reference photos.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Spokane Trip: Manito Park

We went to Manito Park to see leaves and for the boys to play.

Spokane Visit: 15th Anniversary Overnight

Charlotte and I sent the boys and Grandma to Aunt Michelle's to stay the night while we stayed the night at the Couer d'alane Resort for an early anniversary night out. They had a big fish tank with Koi Fish.

Since it was a Wednesday night we got upgraded to a better room.

We walked around the park/beach and watched the 

This was our view from the room.

Spokane Visit: Park with Aunt Michelle

Thursday we met up with Michelle, Mom and the boys and walked around Couer d'Alene, saw Inside Out and went to a park since my childhood skate plaza was closed that day.

Spokane Trip: Applefest Farm Visit

Sunday, October 4, 2015

San Diego Research Trip

We went to San Diego for a research trip to explore places to stay for the Larsen Christmas Trip in 2016
We got to check out some fun places also like going to the beach


Dinner at a Spanish restaurant in Old Town

The Mormon Battalion Visitors Center, its really interactive and fun