Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ward Christmas Party: Breakfast with Santa

Every year our ward/church has its yearly Breakfast with Santa activity. Charlotte unfortunately had to work yesterday so couldn't make it, but I took pictures.

Santa Bumblebee

Nathan just loves comstumes, he thought that he would mix a few.

He fell asleep during a shopping trip.

Ben's Lego Birthday Party

This year for Ben's 7th birthday party he wanted a Lego themed party. He invited his friends Georgy, Jonny and Shaun from his class and of course brother Nathan. It was a rainy day which was good since we had all indoor activities planned. We had some Lego's out for free play until everyone had arrived and then we ate pizza and soda. (Thank you Little Caesars $5 pizzas which just happened to open a few days before the party.)

Lego Tower Building contest

After pizza we had a Tower Building contest to see who could make the highest tower. Everyone got a piece of candy and the winner got two.

Racing Cars

They then made race cars and raced them down a card table which we propped up against our coffee table.

Building Cars

Ben's Lego Cake that Charlotte made

Charlotte made a Lego cake. She made a rectangle and square cake and stacked them and then 6 cupcakes for the Lego pegs. Then since Ben wanted a red and a blue brick she bought white frosting and dyed them with food coloring. Then Ben added his touch by adding legos figures.

Eatting Cake & Presents

As you can see they all enjoyed eatting the cake.
Since Charlotte used Blue and Red food coloring they ended up with blue and red mouths.
After they left Ben opened presents, he recieved two Lego Space Ploice sets from Georgy, A big Lego Power Miners Drill from Jonney and three Bakugan balls from Shaun.

Nathan's Pre-K Christmas Party

Nathan's Pre-K class had a Holiday party with food and a singing performance. I posted a small video last week after all the Spokane pictures.

Nathan's teachers Mrs Cotty and Laurie

Nathan's new hobby

Im not quite sure why, But one of Nathan's newest favorate things to do is to tie himself up and act like he can't get free.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Spokane Trip: Bing Crosby

Im putting this out of order, but I forgot to post it after the Friday pictures. Friday Evening Michelle and I went to a screening of White Christmas and this was my experience.

My Evening with Bing Crosby

I forgot that I have something in common with Bing Crosby, we both grew up in Spokane Washington. Im here visiting family in Spokane and my older Sister took me to an awesome screening of White Christmas in the Bing Crosby Theater. Before the movie Bing's Niece Carolyn Schneider (who has written two books on Bing) and Howard Crosby, one of Bings Nephews along with another lady spoke about their memories of their Uncle. Bing wasn't one of those stars that was full of himself, he very much just wanted to be part of the guys. Howard told us about how he was on a road trip with Bing and he asked him what his most difficult moment was (thinking that his Uncle would say that it was trying to memorize a part or dealing with a tough director) But he said that it was singing "I'll be Home for Christmas" to a bunch of troops overseas and not breaking down himself to cry.

He started out singing and whistling all of the time, but actually started out wanting to be a lawyer. After High School some friends formed a band and then later he and another member took a job at the very theater that had the screening to perform before all of the movies back when they did that. This lead him to decide to pursue singing in Hollywood.

He's actually had more #1 hit songs then any performer. Bing Crosby 38, Beatles 24, Elvis Presley 18, Michael Jackson (17 I believe)

The best part of the evening was the first part of the movie and just hearing Bing's "I'll Be Home For Christmas" overpower you on the big screen. I love his deep voice.

Spokane Trip: Ride to the Airport

This is Ben and Nathan on the car ride to the airport Thursday Morning.

Riverpark Square

Friday Afternoon we met Michelle at a shopping center downtown and had lunch and looked at a book and toystore.

Riverfront Park Merry-Go Round

We walked across the street to Riverfront Park. They have an old Merry-Go Round thats over a hundred years old.

Ben and I started out sitting on a bench, but we talked him into sitting on an animal.
Charlotte even got on one

The Sucking Goat

After the Merry-Go-Round we took the boys to this metal Goat where you pushed a button and it would suck and garbage out of your hand.
The best part was watching how much my Mom got into it!

There was a small trolly that we took pictures in.