Sunday, January 8, 2012

Nathan's Birthday Cupcakes

I brought cupcakes to Nathan's class for his birthday since his birthdays during Christmas break.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Hanging Out

Grandma taking a nap with Ben and Nathan

Nathan hanging on Dad.

Primary Christmas Party

Charlotte had a Christmas/bi-yearly party for her Primary Class with games treats, crafts and Nintendo Wii.

Christmas Eve 2011

For Christmas Eve we acted out the Nativity and got Grandma Sally to help out.

I read Twas the Night Before Christmas.

We opened pajamas a gift from cousin McKay the night before. Also the boys opened a gift from Grandma Larsen with small cruse ships to supprise all of the cousins that we were planning on going on a cruise ship this Summer.

Nathan made sure that Baby Jesus was protected by the spys from Cars 2.
We woke up and looked into our stockings to see what Santa had brought us

Ben recieved Lord Garmadon's Fortress for Lego Ninjago.

Nathan recieved Sensei Wu's Dojo.

They both recieve Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure which puts your action figures into a video game when you place it on a portal of power.

With an extra figure in each stocking.

Ben got Nathan a Thundercats figure.

Nathan got Ben a Lego Hero factory set/figure.

Grandma Sally opening a present.

More Legos

Playing Wii with Dad, I got Super Mario 3DS Land for the Nintendo 3DS and The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword for the Nintendo Wii.

Before Christmas Nathan would go to sleep every night with a Santa hat on, since Christmas he sent a week going to sleep every night with this fleece snow hat and gloves.

Ben's Lord Garmadon's Fortress and Star Wars Lego set from cousin McKay.

Ben's sets along with Nathan's Sensei Wu's Dojo along with Space Shuttle set from cousin McKay

Nathan's Birthday Party

Nathan's Birthday was December 30th, he invited his friends Bryant and Freddy from our apartment complex and Dillian from church.

He at first wanted a Thundercats party since he's big into the new series, but theres no real games or even decorations for that yet. So he agreed to a Lego party. We started with free play.

Then they raced their creations on a card table track.

He decorated the cake with some of his Lego mini figures

Posing with G-ma

The boys like to call my Mom G-Ma since thats what Heather and Logan would call them.