Monday, November 29, 2010

Great View

During our Lost Tour on Tuesday we went into the Kaaawa Valley Ranch and there were some really cool views.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lost Beach

On Wednesday we went to a couple of beaches and one of them was the one were they filmed the beach camp on the TV show Lost.

I have more pictures on my Lost blog:

Hawaii Sunset on Tuesday Evening

This was the end of a Sunset, there were some very beautiful sunsets while were there.

Downtown Waikiki on Tuesday Night

The streets of Waikiki have tons of interesting shops and people. Its a lot like downtown San Francisco.

View From Diamond Head Volcano

Wednesday Morning we went to the extinct Volcano Diamond Head.

Lost Tour

On Tuesday we were able to go on a tour of locations where they shot the TV show Lost. Even if your not a fan of Lost its worth checking these photos out because we went deeper into nature on this tour then most of our trip so there's lots of beautiful stuff.

Hanauma Bay

Charlotte and I went to Hanauma Bay on Wednesday, We didn't have scuba gear, but it was just fun to swim above and under the water. And it was nice to have been able to have enjoyed it without worrying about the boys.

Hanauma Bay

Sunday, November 14, 2010

University of Hawaii Manoa

My Mom went to the U of H so she asked that we take a picture, Charlotte was really helpful about this.

Last night on Oahu

Here's my beautiful wife with the sunset, I felt good about our time in Oahu. Charlotte did an awesome job of planning this trip so well that we saw pretty much everything that you can see on the island. And she was very accommodating in helping me to find shooting locations for my TV show Lost, which can all be found on my Lost blog.

Duke Kahanamoku Statue: Theres actually a web camera in front of this that you can tell people to watch you, we were only at it at night though.
I took this since it was a Lost shooting location, but I also felt that it was a good was to end these photos since that's the last thing that we did on Oahu. We were actually happy to be getting back to the boys, even though it was very nice to have had a break.