Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fathers Day Candy Bar Message

Charlotte and the boys made me an awesome candy bar message for Fathers Day.

Cub Scout Day Camp

Ben was able to attend Cub Scout Day Camp this week and had tons of fun with archery, rubber band riffles, a rock climbing wall, and many other fun activities. The theme this year was Hawaii.

Nathan Daddy Camp

While Ben was at Camp Nathan and I had Nathan/Daddy Camp. We went to a Krispy Krime Donuts and watched them make them, a Comicbook store to but reading material for next weeks Utah trip and to an electronic store called Frys, this one was themed to be an Alien attack. I heard theres another Frys in the valley that has a Fairytale theme.

Cub Scout Day Camp

Charlotte volunteered on Friday and so Nathan was able to join the Siblings group that day.

Cub Scout Day Camp

Ben and Jackson from his Den

Since is was a Hawaiian theme the last day there was Hula and other Hawaiian dances for entertainment and near the end they had the kids take part.

Primary Spotlight

Today Ben was spotlighted in Primary. They said different things about him and people would sit down until he was the last kid standing. He go to sit on a throne with a crown and received a plastic M&M container character full of M&M's.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Back to School Night

Ben in front of his desk

Ben with his teacher Mrs Cozad and Student Teacher Mrs McGatchy

Nathan and himself

Nathan his teacher Mrs Luster

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Utah Trip

Charlotte toke the boys to Utah a few weeks ago

Utah Trip

May Scout Den Meeting

This month the theme was Healthy activities and snacks so there was an obsticale course and tug-a-war.

Ben's Play

Ben was in a play last week, the play itself was kind of silly, but Ben had fun.

Primary Talent Show/Family History Night

Our ward had a Primary Talent Show/Family Hisory Themed Ward Dinner
The second part being right up my alley, Ben and Nathan had a Lego display, but like an idiot I forgot to tak a picture of that. But for the displays everyone was given the opportunity to make some sort of display of their family so I bought some nice colored drawing paper and made a display that showed some of our tree with little parts taken from Family Histories and Photos

Charlotte and I

My Parents Zernas Abram Burrows and Sally Jo Shafer

My Dad's Parents John William Burrows and Mary Magdalena Albrecht

Primary Talent Show/Family History Night

My Mom's Parents John Dewey Shafer and Leona Grimm Shafer

Charlotte's Parents Dean Larsen and Jean Maycock

Charlotte's Mother's Parents Lawrence S Maycock and Lorna Bird Booth Maycock

Charlotte's Father's Parents Ariel Ellis Larsen and Vera Alice Austin

Ben's Thinking Award

Nathan and Class Friends

Twice a year Acacia honors kids with awards

Ben and his Thinking Award