Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nathan at the Park

Nathan always has a costume on, you can tell by how threadbare it is.

Printer Box and St Patricks Day

Our printer died so we got a new one. So Ben and Nathan benifited by receiveing the box to play in.

The Lepurchan's paid us a visit to turn our milk and oatmeal green.

Ben's Thinking Award

Ben received an award for best Critical Thinking. For not only being able to answer question well, but to ask them.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Nathan's Playdate

Nathan had two of his Primary friends Dillan and Jacob. They had a lot of fun destroying bubbles and other stuff.

Nathan loves helping his Mom make cookies.

Aunt Ann's visit and random photos

Charlotte's Sister Ann visited last week.

Nathan fell asleep in a wierd postion on the sofa. Ben loves to play games on
Ben and Nathan reading a Lego book.

Flat Stanley

Ben and Nathan's cousin sent them a drawing of Flat Stanley as part of a Home work assignment and asked them to pose with Flat in different locations, heres the pictures.