Monday, August 29, 2011

Ben getting his cast off

This is Ben getting his arm.... I mean cast cut off.

and the doctor teaching us the exercises that he has to do to get the mobility back in his arm.

Spokane Trip: Castle

This is a house that the owner made to look like a castle that my Mom wanted us to see on Thursday. We went to visit a couple of Aunts in the nursing Home after that. Friday I hung out with my friend Mark and his friend Brian.

Spokane Trip: Visit with Jim and Bobby

We were able to visit my Brother Jim for the first time in awile. We went out to The Hotrod Cafe.

My Brother Jim (in blue), his wife Bobby and son-in-law Aaron.

Spokane Trip: Lake Couer D Alene

Saturday we went to Lake Couer D Alene in Couer D Alene Idaho.


I really love Lake Couer D Alene. Its way more enjoyable then swimming in the ocean for me. Theres a section without trees thats more like a beach, but we prefer the shade.

Spokane Trip: Lake Couer D Alene and Mudgy & Millie Statue

Lake Couer D Alene in CDA, Idaho

Afterwards was walked around downtown looking in shops and looking for Mudgy Moose and Millie Mouse statues from a book about a Moose and Mouse who play hide and seek and the mouse hides in Mudgys antlers while he walks around a number of CDA locations. I went to Elementary School with the authors daughter.

Spokane Trip: Cabelas

On the way home we went to Cabelas outdoors super store which had an awesome mountain display of taxidermy stuffed wild animals.

Spokane Trip: Spokane Temple

Mom's church is in the same parking lot as the Spokane Temple. I remember playing in the baseball field in the park that part of it was dug out for the building of the temple. So grateful that my Mom has a Temple to go to that's so close! I remember as a youth we would have to take a bus 5 hours to the Seattle Temple.

Spokane Trip: Riverfront Park

Monday Michelle, Charlotte and Mom went to River Park Square in Spokane Washington to see the movie The Help while the boys and I ran around. Afterwards Michelle treated the boys and I to ride bracelets for Riverfront Park.

This blond kid pushed Ben and Nathan out of the way to get ahead in line for the mini dragon roller coaster and the parents didn't do anything so Michelle nicknamed him "The Nazi" and was wishing that she could trip him on the way out. Funny thing is that on the way out he ran and tripped and fell smack on his face. Karma can be a strong force sometimes.

Spokane Trip: Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park in Spokane, Washington

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Spokane Trip: Riverfront Park

Spokane Trip: Tubs Hill

Tuesday we went on a hike on Tubbs Hill. We thought that by taking the biggest trail that it was the calm on that went by the water around the hill. Little did we know that it took us up the center and then down this steep rocky small trail. But Charlotte was surprisingly quite a trooper and there were some great views.

Spokane Trip: Library, Tubs Hill

Tubbs Hill hike

Of course we couldn't go by a library without Charlotte checking out it out. Actually we went in to refill out water bottles and Charlotte wanted to see how they were implementing their Summer Reading Program.

Spokane Trip: Library, Mudgy Moose & Tubs Hill

Mudgy Moose by the Library

Mudgy Moose by Tubs Hill