Monday, November 5, 2012

Chuck E Cheeses Fundraiser

Acacia had their monthly restuarant fundraiser at Chuck E Cheese.

October Pack Meeting

A fireman was brought in to demonstrate some fireman stuff; Nathan was one of the first ones to volunteer to put on the Fireman suit pants and helmet.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

School Halloween Parade

Nathans a Nija and Ben's a Dementor from Harry Potter.

Trick or Treating

I toke Ben and Nathan Trick or Treatng to the Mall like usual which is a good place to get candy, then we hit a fewmembers houses. We let them eat what they wanted that night and then gave them the offer to ether keep the candy and eat it slowly (yeah right) or to pick out ten each and sell me their candy for a $10 - 15 toy of their choosing, they picked the toy. Seeing how Nathan was bouncing off the walls that night I'm very happy with their chioce. Ben was a Dementor from Harry Potter (he wanted to be a grim reaper, but Charlotte didn't like the idea) and Nathan was a Ninja.

Nathan got a hold of my tablet and toke pictures

Lego events at Toys R Us

Toys R Us has these Lego events every so often that allow the kids to come in and build legos that the Lego company provides. This one wasn't so cooll since it was some game and once they got done they had to give the their creations back, but the next week they had a Halloween/Monster Fighter one where they were able to build a castle and then take hometheir creations which is what the store usually lets them do. Ben and Nathan are crazy about Legos.

Acacia Fall Harvest Festival

Ben and Nathan's school had a fall fundraiser, not sure why they didn't just call it a Halloween Festival since it was only a few days before Halloween, unless it was out of silly political correctness. We won a free family meal at Toppers one of the best pizza places that I've ever eaten at in a raffle so that was cool. There were games (Charlotte manned a bottle raising game where you had to use a fishing pole/spring with a metal ring at the end., What was funny was that they were beer bottles, so she joked to he PTA heads "Oh sure put the Mormon in the game with the beer bottles!" They also had a blow up slide and obstacle course that Nathan went on (Ben's becoming too cool to do something like that) and hamburgers, pizza and baked goods.