Sunday, October 27, 2013

October Pack Meeting

I know that I've posted a lot of Pack Meeting photos, but two cool things happened this last Pack meeting, the first was that it was announced that Ben and Nathan sold more popcorn sales then anyone in the Stake, they sold together and ended up with $1,070.00 in sales!

We also had Tracy Garcia from our ward come in and talk about abilities awareness, she has a son Jacob with Down Syndrome and so she talked to the boys about it and had them do some activities that helped the boys understand how hard it was to do things like putting marshmellows in their mouths and reading some lines, walking while looking through binoculars along a zig zagging line and picking up buttons with gloves on. Jacob joins Scouts next month.

Chuck E Cheese's Ticket Blaster

I know that I've posted tons of pictures of Chuck E Cheese's, your probably tired of it and frankly so am I, but this was cool. Acacia had a fundraising night at Chuck E Cheese's and they had it where you could pay $2.50 per kid to get into their ticket blaster where like a money blaster a giant fan from below blew up tons of tickets and the kid has to grab them, Nathan didn't grab a lot, but he had fun doing it.