Sunday, August 26, 2012

Arriving in Orlando

This was the sight that greeted us when we first walked into the hotel meeting room, David and Paul doing their usual moving and shaking and the Charlotte jumped right in with her librarian ways. all of the spouses just stood there dumbfounded.

When we arrived at the docked boat we had to wait awile, but in typical Larsen (Paul Larsen) fashion we were 3rd in line to get on, actually Paull was kind of miffed that we weren't first.

Sailing Away

They had an sailing off presentation/show/celebration
We headed for the waterslides first thing while people were still boarding so while the lines were short.
They had a moving pictures scavenger hunt throughout the ship.
This was the Oceaneers Club where we could check the boys in for fun with video games videos and other fun stuff while we went and did fun adult stuff.

First Night

Our Deck

 The room attendant would create a different towel origami everynight with chocolates.
 Some of our dinner plates

 Worthog was actually my favorite exotic new thing that I tried on the cruise.
 Amy's daughter Olivia

St Maartin

 Tuesday we stopped at St Maartin, Charlotte and Nathan touched dolphins while Ben and I walked around the city.


On the boat they had a giant waterslide tube, this is Charlotte's first time.

Pirates, Birds & Butterflies

Nathan and Charlotte went to see Bird performances and a Butterfly Gardin
 Ben went on a Pirate adventure with scubadiving
 I took a boat shuttle out to St John to see the ruins of an old Sugar Mill, I'll share those photos later since they're on my Tablet.