Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ben and Nathan's 2013 - 14 School Photos

I'm late in posting these, but better late then never.

Cub Scout Pack Meeting

Nathan received his Bear award for January's Pack Meeting, also the boys received their prize of a $40 Wal-Mart giftcard for selling $1024.00 in popcorn sales. Since they were #1 in sales they also received a crossbow foam dart gun which they have since been constantly shooting each other when inside the house.

Charlottes Birthday

We had a small family Birthday Party for Charlotte and wore leftover Thomas the Tank Engine paper hats for her birthday, but she was being a vain punk and wouldn't let me post any pictures, next time I'm just going to draw a picture of her in a pink bunny suit with a purple Ballerina Tuu Tuu.

Acacia fundraiser: Chuck E Cheese

Nathan always likes to get into the ticket tube, he caught onto the fact by watching others that if you tuck in your shirt and stuff tickets in your shirt you can collect more tickets.

Library Lego Activity

Once a month Charlotte has the library host a Lego build activity. I toke the boys and this is how excited Nathan was.