Sunday, July 17, 2016

Date Day

Charlotte and I went on a day long date today, first we went to the temple and then out to eat a restaurant called Unami Burger, then we went to see the play The Little Mermaid. I wasn't able to take pictures during so this is a shot of the stage beforehand, the choreography, the set design, costume design and singing were all wonderful!

Flying to Provo/Yellowstone

The boys went on their first flight alone Thursday, which I have to say was really, really hard for me, since they had a night flight and a plane switch in Las Vegas. I was able to walk them to the gate and this is us waiting, but they were on their own almost in Vegas, but they managed and are in Utah and today their Aunt Ann is loading up about 8 boy cousins in an RV to go to Yellowstone for a few days (were praying for her sanity). Funny thing since they landed in Utah I really haven't thought much about them since I know that now their under care, it was just the being alone in unsure surroundings and the possibility of being stranded or kidnapped, etc that worried me, but it all turned out alright. I'll probably worry again when they fly on Friday though.

Family Home Evening at the Mall

Our mall has an outdoor section of shops and they recently put a bunch of games like a Foosball table, Table Tennis, Giant Jenga blocks, Tic Tac Toe and other fun games so we enjoyed those for Family Home Evening.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Cup Challenge at the Library

Travel Town Museum

While Ben was at Scout Camp Nathan and I had a number of adventures and this was one of them. He would climb aroung the trains while I drew them.


Leaving for Scout Camp

Nathan's Elementary Commencement

Ben's End of Year Band Concert