Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ben & Nathan with friends and playing Legos

Ben's a great big Brother, he helps him with Legos and other things.

This is Ben & Nathan with two of their friends in the apartment complex Fredie and Bryant.

At the beach with Grandma Sally

Grandma Sally came to visit after Charlotte and the boys returned from Danville.

During one the days that she was here, Charlotte and the boys took her to the beach. It was the day that our Ward (church congregation) had designated to meet at the beach.
This is one of Nathan's church friends Dillian.

At the beach with Grandma Sally

Solvang Trip

My Mom has been bugging us to take her to Solvang for years now so we finally took her. We went to a park for the boys first.

Ben and Nathan actually look like little weasels poking out of a hole in this picture.

Solvang Trip

After the park we walked aroung the town and looked at shops. It wasn't my favorate trip, but they liked it.

My Mom had to stop at every bakery that we saw.
Hans Christiansen Andersen Statue, we also went through a mini museum/bookstore about this famous writer.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Danville Trip

Charlotte took the boys to visit her Brother David's home for a visit while I attended to some important things at home.

Making fresh squeezed Lemonade.

One of the rare meals at David & Kris's home.

Danville Trip

Uncle David took Charlotte and the boys up in his death plane.

Pre flight Check

Danville Trip

Uncle David let Ben be the copilot, Ben would do quick ups and down and scare the crap out of Charlotte.

Danville Trip

David had to turn off Charlotte's headphones since she was screaming so much.

Aunt Kris took the boys to the candy store.

Danville Trip

Swimming in Uncle David's pool

Charlotte and the boys visited the new Walnut Creek library to see what it looks like since it was being built when we moved away from that area.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Comic-Con 2010 with Ben & Nathan

Usually I just go to Comic-Con alone, but this year I decided to take the boys with me on the slower Thursday. Granted that's all relative since Comic-Con is huge every day.

Every year Hasbro makes these awesome displays with to show case their current and upcoming figures. Since this year is the 30th or 25th anniversary (can't remember which off the top of my head) of Empire Strikes Back theres a lot of Hoth figures coming out now.