Monday, May 27, 2013

Pinwood Derby 2013

Ben and Nathan made their cars with my help, its was Nathan's first Derby and Ben's 3rd. Nathan got 13th out of 27 and Ben 15th both got 5th in the den's out of 9/10 kids. So a respectable average score. More importantly they had a lot of fun. We had one issue with Ben's car since the glue that was holding Ben's metal exasts on came off (stupid hot glue gun) so we got duct tape for a quick fix.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Garden Show

Nathan had a speaking part is his class play called The Garden Show, he was a gardener what met with aliens that were looking for fuel for their spaceship which happened to be compost. There were also bees, reporters compost and a few other characters. The blond kid is his friend Andy next to him.

Webelos Park and Rec tour

Ben's Webelos Den went on a tour of the city of Thousand Oaks Park and Rec Center this week. Nathan and I came along.

Nathan in Ben's Bed

Nathan's like this weird little squirrel when he sleeps, I'll come upstairs after working on stuff and look in on them and he'll have his body contorted in some weird pose or something and be dead asleep. Well one night I came in and he was actually in Ben's bed with his head opposite of Ben's and neither of them had noticed. I thought that was really funny.

Fathers and Sons Fireside

So we were supposed to go on a ward Fathers and Sons campout a few weeks ago in the Castaic Mountains, but there was a fire so it turned into a swimming party/fireside with an inspirational thought about the Priesthood. After swimming for awhile Ben got board and begged me for my Nintendo 3DS so eventually I gave it to him. I found this funny though both him and another adult member sitting there playing with their devices while everything else was going on.

Back to School Night

Ben and Nathan had Back to School Night
 Nathan with his teacher Mrs Barker
 Ben with his teacher Mrs Wheatley. Can't remember why Nathan was looking down.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Man in Black and Nathan's Cake

A few Sundays ago Nathan started posing in his suit with a Nerf gun, he's never seen the movies, but I thought of them when he was doing it.

Nathan made a cake today almost entirely by himself, thats NB that he traced in the cake.

His Mom helped a tiny bit, but he did most of it. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

April/May stuff

April Pack Meeting, during spring break both Ben and Nathan earned the Video Gaming belt loop and pin which sounds silly, but its actually a good award since they had to make out a daily schedule of when to play games, do homework chore and other things, they also had to talk with their parents about game ratings and what each rating meant, besides actually playing video games. they received those awards this last pack meeting.

 May 4th was free Comic Book Day so I toke Ben and Nathan to my favorite store in Burbank "The House of Secrets" and we got our fill (they have a rule of 3 per person so we make sure to all get a different comic and were able to walk out with everything we wanted). May 4 is also an unofficial Star Wars Holiday (May the 4th be with you) and Toys R Us had another Lego event where the kids builds a small thing with instructions and gets to take it home and that days model was a Star Wars ship, so we went the right after Free Comicbook day.

 Charlotte was in another play this one was a variety show called "Lets Do Something" (stupid name, but the first letters make LDS), she was someone trying out for an audition. she tried out with this piece to get into the show and they actually created a whole section of the show around that piece! This is a horrible photo from my tablet. I'm trying to figure out how to upload my shaky video that I made.