Sunday, October 23, 2011

School Pictures

Make $50 checks payable to: "Paul's Wii/3DS Video Game Fund" for signed prints of Ben and Nathan's school photos. They had bad weather on photoshoot day so Group Photos are rescheduled for this week. We need to work with Ben on a more natural photo smile.

CHuck E Cheese

The Acacia Elementary PTA has monthly restaurant fundraisers, this month was Chuck E Cheese so the boys had fun running around playing games, Charlotte was all to glad that she had to work and not have to bare that place, I don't mind it though.

Chuck E Cheese

Trader Joes, Lego Temple, Friends

On the way home from a Mommy Nathan date to Traeder Joes, looks like Nathan's already gotten use of his free stickers.

About a month ago we were sleeping in on a Sunday and Ben came bounding upstairs to tell us that he had just made a (Mormon) Temple out of Legos all on his own. We were quite impressed.

Ben, Fredy, Bryant (their friends from the apartment complex) and Nathan watching TV.