Sunday, July 27, 2008

Comic-Con 2008 Pictures

This last weekend I went to Comic-Con, I took these pictures that I thought thatBen & Nathan would think were cool.
The original set piece from the Nightmare Before Christmas.
My from Steve & a Robot.

Comic-Con Swag

I brought the boys home some free stuff that I obtained while at Comic-Con. I got Clone Wars masks & He-Man blow-up swords. They had fun beating each other up this morning. They liked them so much that they had to wear the masks in the car om the ride to church.

Visiting Cousins at the Beach

Last weekend we visited the cousins at the beach. I had the scare of my life. Ann was distracting Charlotte and I was trying to make sure that Ben didn't get dragged out to sea forever and Nathan wandered off. I looked around for him for about 10 minutes, but it seemed like forever with no sight of him. I felt that I needed to head down the beach and someone came up to me asking if I was looking for a boy and that he had found Nathan & taken him to the life guard and I found him safe hanging out with a nice family.

Pizza Parlor

Everyone went to eat crab for Dinner, but I had an outbreak last time I had Crab, so I got stuck taking the little boys for Pizza.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Swimming Lessons

The boys have started taking swimming lessons and have been doing very well with the one on one instruction. Both are very different, Ben is more tentative and Nathan just jumps in. Nathan goes first and I pick Ben up from classes and then while Ben is swimming Nathan hangs out on the steps, usually going around in circles around the stair rail.

Swimming Lessons