Sunday, January 27, 2013

Charlotte's Birthday

Today was Charlotte's Birthday so we gave her Breakfast in bed ( I was willing to do more, but this was all she wanted).
Last night after she went to bed I taped ribbons over her Bathroom and made a sign that said Happy Birthday! Please don't open this gift until we are awake.
We got her a new bathroom shelf system that she had wanted along with Bath and Body stuff.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Crazy Cousins

Ben and Nathan's Cousin Zach came for Nathan's Baptism

Nathan's Lego Birthday Party

 Nathan wanted a Lego themed birthday party "just like Ben's" so we invited a bunch of his friends (man it was crazy, but fun!) and we played Lego board games.
 We also played a game where everyone ads a brick to the platform to create something as a group.

We played Nintendo Wii
 And had pizza, cake and ice cream, I forgot to get a candle, but luckily we had an unused Spiderman one and Charlotte wrote an 8 on a piece of paper.

Charlottes Primary Class Party

Charlotte likes to have a class party for her church Primary class about twice a year, this was her last one since she got released with the new year since she's now the ward choir director.

Nathan's Baptism

Nathan had his Baptism on January 6th, we toke lots of pictures beforehand.
For Nathan's Baptism both Grandma Larsen and Sally came along with Aunt Ann and Cousin Zach!
Grandma Larsen with Nathan

 Grandma Sally
 Me and Nathan

 Our family
 Nathan with Cousin Zach!

 Ben, Nathan, Zach and Ben and Nathan's friend Freddie

 Mom and Nathan

 Nathan and Ben


Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas Eve

As a Tradition we always open pajamas on Christmas Eve

 We also open a regular gift.

 I also read Twas the Night Before Christmas, although Ben started feeling that he was too old for it this year, but we forced him to take part.