Sunday, September 14, 2014

Central Coast Comic-Con

This weekend my friend Dave and I went to the Central Coast Comic-Con and brought our boys, it was a really small convention, but the boys had fun!

Dave wore his Batman costume again and there was a really good Harley Quinn and a excellent 89 movie Batmobile replica.

End of Summer Court of Honor

Ben's Boy Scout Pack had an end of summer Pack meeting, there was swimming and a Bar-B-Que and then awards. Ben received his Tenderfoot, 2nd Class and 1st Class along with 3 Merit Badges Cooking, Fingerprinting and Leatherwork.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Around BYU

While Charlotte was at Education Week and the cousins were in school I went on adventures with the boys. The first one was around BYU we went to the Bean Natural History Museum, then Bowling, because of Education Week there were a number of people promoting things and Studio C a Mormon Saturday Night Live type show on BYU TV had a table with cut out actors which was fun for the boys.

Temple Open House trip

Ann, Chris and I toke the boys through the Ogden Open House which was really beautiful. Before and after that we went to the Airplane Museum and to Antelope Island

Spanish Missionary Reunion

I set up a mini reunion of some of the Spanish Elders and Sisters from my misson, we had a great time!

Salt Lake City

I toke Ben & Nathan to Salt Lake City, we first went to the This is the Place Monument, Nathan thought it would be funny to put his Cosmo BYU Cougar in each statue picture in the statues hands if possible. Funny thing I thought sure I got a picture of the main monument, but I guess I didn't.

After that we went to see Brigham Young's House (The Beehive House), the Conference Center and a few other places.

Curiosity Museum

We went with Ann and her kids and Grandma Larsen to the Curiosity Museum at Thanksgiving Point where they had lots of fun hands on science activities and play areas. Charlotte even found a fake library!

Family Photo