Sunday, October 31, 2010

School Halloween Parade

Ben was Iron Man and Nathan War Machine this year.

Ben's Teacher Mrs Cozad

School Halloween Parade

Nathan's Teacher Mrs. Luster

Family Halloween Party

For our Ward Halloween Party we had Hot Dogs & Chili, then a carnival with games for the kids and then a Trunk or Treat.

Mini Golf

Ward Halloween Party

Bounce House

Family Halloween Party

We decided that since Halloween was on Sunday that we would let the boys get their fill of candy at our church's Trunk Or Treat and then have a Family Halloween Party rather then have them go out Trick Or Treating on Sunday.

We started by bobbing for apples, and then we turned the apples into Apple Jack O Lanterns. Then we had Pizza with Rootbeer in a punch bowl with gummy eyeballs in it. Later Charlotte went to choir and when she returned we turned out the lights and had the boys search for glow in the dark rats and bats. Then Charlotte read to them Halloween books.

Bobbing for apples

Ben took these two pictures

Apple Jack O Lanterns

After that we took the apple that we won and cut out a slice for a mouth and made Apple Jack O Lanterns with candy.

Charlotte's apple

Nathan's apple

Apple Jack O Lanterns

My apple

Ben's apple

Our apple family

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lego Racers Day at Toys R Us

Yesterday Toys R US had a Lego Racers day, the boys were able to build, race and take home their race cars for free.

Lego Racer Day at Toys R Us

Secret Photo

I had my bag in between the front seats and Ben snuck our camera out of my bag and took a picture of Nathan. Just look at the smile on that sneaky boy, they were giggling the whole time.

Karate Class

We enrolled Ben & Nathan in a Karate class and they have learned some good stuff, but it mostly seems like a babysit the kid type of class since the teacher has them play chase/runaway games and avoiding a ball being thrown at you and reading stories about an animal being bullied. There is some Karate taught, but it seems like a lot of Wax on, Wax off and I'm starting to wonder if theres going to be a revelation of oh we just learned karate. But they are only 5 & 7 so I guess that its too early for them to learn how to rip someones head off. LOL

Karate Class