Sunday, July 22, 2007

Nathan at the water park

This week I took Nathan to a park that has water fountains that spurt on a timed basis. He didn't like how cold the water was through.

Ben & Nathan playing with trains

Last week if Ben's Preschool class the theme was Bugs so they made Twinkie Bugs.

This is Ben & Nathan's favorate thing to do, play trains.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Parade & Bar-b-que

Nathan & Zachary watching the Parade

Nathan fell asleep before the Parade ended

There was a Bar-b-que after the Parade

This was after the Bar-b-que, not sure who the two kids next to Ben were.

Ann's backyard & 4th of July Parade

Trip to Utah

Boy what a busy trip! First we got to see Austin get baptised.

Nathan and Ben played on the swings & Slides in Aunt Ann's backyard after Austin's baptism.

Monday we went to 7 Peaks

That evening we went to Chuck O' Rama Buffet.
Aunt Chris & Nathan

Jordon & Nathan