Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ben Reading

Ben has started reading by himself this Summer. Its so cool watching it.

California Science Center

Thursday we went to the California Science Center since it was overcast and I didn't feel like going to Beach day. The first part was silly alternative energy stuff and the boys were bored. But when we got to some other rooms Ben really got into it and Nathan somewhat. I think that Nathan will enjoy it more when he's older.

California Science Center

This was the Eygptian room, the boys liked this one the most with mummies, pulling pyramid stones rebuilding pots, sitting on a cammel and more.

Another room

California Science Center

They really liked the Tree room since there was a huge tree fort/tunnels.
This was the North/South Pole room.

They had these arm things the boys put their arms through to be able to manipulate things on the other side of the glass.

Silverstrand Beach

We went to Silverstrand Beach last week.

Silverstrand Beach Video