Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ben's School Picture 2009

Parktime on our 9th Anniversary

Since both Ben & Nathan were out of school on our Anniversary (Veterans day0 and all babysitters were busy we went to the park for our Anniversary and then the Cheesecake Factory for a family dinner.

I took Charlotte out for a nice date dinner and to our churche's Temple on friday night for our own Anniversary time.

Parktime on our 9th Anniversary

Nathan at Park Day

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ben's School Costume Parade (Video)

THIS IS A VIDEO, to play click on the arrow on the bottom left side.

Charlotte's Halloween Storytime

Nathan riding on his big ball
Tuesday I took Nathan to Charlotte's Halloween Storytime. Theres a short video of her doing Five Little Pumpkins after all the Halloween pictures.

Ben's School Costume Parade

Ben went as a Skeleton this year.
Ben and Lucas (His Study Buddy)
Mrs Berg, Ben's 1st grade teacher

Nathan at Pumpkin Patch

For Halloween Nathans Pre-K class went to a pumpkin patch with rides. First thing that Nathan wanted to do was to ride on the swing ride. Then after some free play on the bounce house and blow-up slide they got together and sang Halloween songs. They got to pick out a small pumpkin.

Nathan at Pumpkin Patch: Blow-Up Slide and Bounce House

Nathan Climbing up slide ladder
Sliding down
Bounce House

Nathan at Pumpkin Patch: Blow-Up climbing fort & Petting Zoo

They had this cool Blow-Up obsticle course/Fort thing that Nathan and his Pre-K friends enjoyed hiding out in there.

Nathan at Pumpkin Patch: Petting Zoo

Trick or Treating at Jans Marketplace

Every year we go to Jans Marketplace to Trick or Treat. This year it was from 3 - 5pm which worked out since the ward party was at 5pm.

Church Halloween Party

This year our church had a Halloween party with a Chili feed, a carnival and trunk or treat. Nathan wearing Charlotte's witch hat.
Charlotte and Nathan
Ben & Nathan
Ben and I

Church Halloween Party

Nathan and I (Im dressed as a member of the Dharma Initiative from the TV show Lost).
Charlotte went as a Witch, Ben, Nathan and I

They had a carnival with bean bag toss, mini golf and lots of other things. Then Trunk or Treating.

Charlotte's Storytime: Five Little Pumpkins

This is VIDEO not a picture, click on the arrow on the bottom left.