Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ben's Class Picture

Pre-K: Mrs. Cotty & Ms. Laurie's Class

Horizion Hills: Mrs Wilde's Class

School Pictures

Horizion Hills: Bens Pre-School & Nathan's Toddler Class

Ben's Pre-Kindergarden Class

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pre-K Christmas Party

This is one of Ben's classmates Paul who is also in Ben's Church Primary.

Mrs Georgette's Class

This is Nathan's current Toddler class. They try to teach parents that TV and the commercialzation of things is bad, but Im to smart for their brainwashing.
Nathan found this huge pinecone & had to carry it around everywhere he went outside.

Strangly enough Nathan likes to take handfuls of sand and put it up to this tree and let it fall down.

Primary class, Pauline Shafer's Tomb

Charlotte's new church calling is the Primary Choirister. This is a picture of some of the kids.
Im a glutten for punishment. I have been going on a wild goose chase trying to hunt down the tomb of my Grandfather's Sister Pauline's tomb which I now know is in Glendale. Anyways I made the mistake of taking the boys. They have a hard time not touching things and not running. And this was a beautiful and huge Masoleum. I will have to take some pictures of all of the great master copies, like the David and others. I have still yet to find Paulie's niche.

New Mall Playground

Our local mall The Oaks has been remodeling this last year and just opened aa awsome new play ground.

Opening Presents & Storytime

Ben recieved lots of Spiderman and Hotwheel stuff along with some other cool stuff. We got him a Spiderman bike.

Charlotte was nice enough to check out and do a mini storytime with some superhero books. I forgot to mention that before the games we had an art table where the kids decorated their own eye masks and colored superhero pictures.
This picture was taken before Ben's Birthday and after the Thanksgiving pictures, but since Blogspot only takes 5 pictures per entry, it didn't fit, so here it is. I thought that it was cute.

Birthday Guests

For the party Ben invited his Church Primary class & his friends in Mrs Wildes class (Pre-K).

Ben wanted the black Spiderman pinata. Nathan kept beating on it long after the candy was gone. I tell you what that was a great way to get rid of Halloween candy!
This is my friend and home teaching companion Steve. He helped keep everyone in line.

Ben's 5th Birthday

For Ben's birthday he wanted a Super Heroes themed party. We had themed games, but got so busy doing them that we forgot to take pictures. Captain America's Shield throw (frisbee toss), Flash's relay race (Relay race to save stuffed animals), Batman's Detective Treasure hunt (Scavenger Hunt by pictures of different locations at the Park), Spiderman's sling the web on the villian (Pin the tail on the donkey) and Green Goblin's Pumkin Bomb throw (We have a little ball throw thing). I used some of Ben's little superhero figures along with a few new ones to decorate the cake.
For those who care the figures are Spiderman, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Cyclops & colosus on one side and Venom, Juggernut, Magneto, Green Goblin & Sabertooth on the other. The Spiderman in the middle is a candle.

Me lighting the cake.

Thanksgiving Program

Ben's Pre Kindergarden class had a Thanksgiving program with a small potluck.

This is one of Ben's Pre-K teachers Mrs Cotty, his other teacher Mrs Laure couldn't make the program.

Ben got the share Bucket (Show & Tell)on his birthday in Mrs Wildes class (Preschool). Horizon Hills has this silly rule of no toys for share time so we coped by letting him bring a favorite pop-up Christmas book.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

More Disneyland

Darth Maul kept on walking right up to Charlotte looking at her all menacingly. She tried taking a picture, but kept getting creeped out.