Monday, December 9, 2013

Ben's Bridging to Boy Scouts Pack Meeting

Nathan carried the flag in the flag ceremony for the first time, s he pulled the flag out it started to tip backward and it was funny seeing the brief look of shock before he managed to right himself.

Ben graduated to the 11 year old group of pre-Boy Scouts at this last Pack meeting.

Ben received a bunch of awards

He shakes the hands of his old Den

They have them cross a bridge as a symbol of bridging over to Boy Scouts

Then he shakes the hands of members of his new Boy Scout Pack and a Bishop

Then later they marked his face with Boy Scout symbols

Ben's pinned his Mom with the Arrow of Light award pin when he received that award

Then they presented him with a real Arrow plaque/display that represents all of the awards that he received. This one is way nicer then the arrow with a string tied to it that I received.

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