Monday, June 22, 2015

Ben and Nathan's Excellent (Summer) Adventures: Back to the Future

This Summer I decided that we live in the Hollywood area with all this rich movie history, but we never venture out to go see it, so were going to get outside away from video games and those book things.(there's nothing wrong with video games, its just good to get out every once in awhile go on your own adventures) I felt like Back to the Future would be a great movie to start with since its such an iconic movie with iconic places that many people has seen, plus it involves time travel which is awesome!

We started with the opening scene of the movie, in the movie Marty skateboards around town and passes a Burger King with happens to be in Burbank, once that we had eaten there once without knowing its history. Then when he gets to the main downtown area that was filmed at the Universal Studios theme park on the tram ride. We're not going to bother doing that since you can't get off the tram and take pictures and its expensive.
This is a video of the opening scene for comparison.
The building that he comes out of which is supposed to be Doc Browns home is a Hobby Lobby now.

My Delorean Lego car
This is a house in Pasadena where Marty's Father George McFly lived, its was funny the 1950's house they used for George, Loraine (Marty's Mother) and Biff Tannen's (the Bully) were all on the same block. We made sure to stay on the street so as to not disturb the residence.

Loraine's House
I believe this was the tree that George fell out of and depending on the timeline was hit by Loraine's Father's car.
This is a video of the scene for comparison
Biff Tannen's House
Doc Brown's home
This is the Gamble Home and they actually have tours through the home, but we didn't do it since we read that it didn't have anything to do with the movie since its a historical landmark even before they made the movie.

This was the Burbank Community Center where the Band auditions took place, Huey Lewis was one of the judges and I believe his band members were part of Marty's band.
This is a video of the scene for comparison

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