Sunday, May 18, 2014

Father and Son Campout 2014

So this year when packing for the Father and Son campout at Castaic Lake above Valencia, CA. I thought sure that I had brought everything, I knew that I would probably forget some small thing, but to my horror after over an hour of driving in traffic I went to put up the tent and realized that I forgot one! So I told Ben and Nathan what had happened and told them we could ether sleep in our sleeping bags under the stars on a tarp since its been really warm lately or we could do the night activities and then drive home. They decided to stay and it actually was a really nice night and we slept well.

Our Camping area

The next day we went tubing on the youth leader Paul Johnson's boat, my camera batteries died when it was my turn but the pull on the tube seemed a little aggressive, but I thought I was just being a wimp, I got yanked off twice and the other guy once. Turns out that my so called friend Paul when I asked if he had been going the same speed as the kids told me with a smile that he had been abusing me and that he was asking the boys if they wanted him to knock us off by going over waves hard and of course they said yes. I'm still a little sore, but at least I have a good story.

Nathan with a church kid

Ben with a church kid

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