Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas 2013

We baricaded the top of the stairs and told the boys they couldn't go down until 7am on Christmas morning, they were really excited. 

 They started on stockings with Disney Infinity Figures and candy.

 For some reason Ben was a little excited for his first Santa present
 A Nintendo Wii U! Oh and a little note about the Tiger Nathan said that he wanted Santa to bring him a stuffed dog with big eyes that he saw in a store in the Mall last time we visited Grandma Sally in the Spokane Valley Mall. Well its been about a year and a half since all of us had visited Spokane so you can kind of see how impossible it would be, G-MA looked for it without success. Well we saw this tiger with others in a store in our mall and so I talked him into asking Santa for one of those.
 Disney Infintity

 Skylanders Swapforce
 Another story Nathan kept bugging me to let him buy this Transformer, but I wouldn't let him since he was saving for a huge Lego set (which he's just now finally saved enough and is enjoying the set) so Charlotte convinced him to ask Santa for it. the next few weeks he bugged me incessantly to still get it himself, finally though Santa brought it to him and you see how happy he is.

 Wii U Lego Marvel Superheroes

 I got Charlotte and Kitchenaid

 Dave and Tina always get us thoughtful gifts, this one was Monopoly Empire. I remember the super long Monopoly games that my brothers would play when younger.

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