Monday, May 13, 2013

April/May stuff

April Pack Meeting, during spring break both Ben and Nathan earned the Video Gaming belt loop and pin which sounds silly, but its actually a good award since they had to make out a daily schedule of when to play games, do homework chore and other things, they also had to talk with their parents about game ratings and what each rating meant, besides actually playing video games. they received those awards this last pack meeting.

 May 4th was free Comic Book Day so I toke Ben and Nathan to my favorite store in Burbank "The House of Secrets" and we got our fill (they have a rule of 3 per person so we make sure to all get a different comic and were able to walk out with everything we wanted). May 4 is also an unofficial Star Wars Holiday (May the 4th be with you) and Toys R Us had another Lego event where the kids builds a small thing with instructions and gets to take it home and that days model was a Star Wars ship, so we went the right after Free Comicbook day.

 Charlotte was in another play this one was a variety show called "Lets Do Something" (stupid name, but the first letters make LDS), she was someone trying out for an audition. she tried out with this piece to get into the show and they actually created a whole section of the show around that piece! This is a horrible photo from my tablet. I'm trying to figure out how to upload my shaky video that I made.

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