Sunday, February 10, 2013

Out with the Old, In with the New

So for those that don't know yet I was in a hit and run a week and a half ago, I was driving down the road and an SUV pulls out of the Spanish market parking lot and while I slammed on the breaks I wasn't fast enough. (Nathan and I were OK) I tried to pull into a parking lot and it looked like they were going to pull over, but then they just took off, leaving me to deal with everything. Heres our poor car up on the tow truck before it was taken away, I was sad about this, not only for the inconvenience, but because it was a good car, plus the debt of a new car since we've been somewhat debt free since we paid off my school loans.


But we were blessed with family members who circled around us with both advice and financial solutions along with a good payout from Progressive since I was 0% at fault. We went car shopping and Paul Larsen gave us great advice on car bartering along with my Trump quote about how in any deal you need to be willing to walk away, I kept Charlotte from caving and we walked out with a really good deal on a new car. We decided to get another Toyota, Corolla like our last one since we find them reliable. This one is a used 2010 and its in great condition, its my first car with a CD player so its luxury for me.

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