Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas Day 2012

First we opened stockings

 Every year it seems like we get a another creature coming into our house on Christmas Eve, first it was Santa and we left cookies, then the next year he brought his freaking reindeers into the house and ate our carrots, then last year we had real I've mice come in to eat our cheese (true story about the mice last year, took a lot of traps for them)

Then we opened presents
 I don't think that Nathan's excited enough about getting the Lego Avengers Quinjet.

 Ben got the Lego Lord of the Rings Mines of Moria

They both got Skylanders Giants from Santa 
 And some interactive figures for the game

 Again Nathan's not excited at all about his Lego set. We took a break for awhile to eat and build Legos.

 I helped Nathan
 They gave each other Wii Games

 Santa brought me two packs of Ewoks in my stocking

 Charlotte made these neat puzzles with church pictures and popcicle sticks
 Game from the Bigelow family
 Plus a book
 Lego Ninjago book

 Puzzle magnet from Ben
 Ben made this awesome clock in scouts for us.
 This was a freebee that came with my Scibblenauts game that I recieved, I recieved some Nintendo 3DS and Wii games.
 Nathans finished Quinjet.

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