Sunday, February 1, 2009

Nathan Painting

This was one of Nathan's last days at Horizon Hills. We usually can't get him to sit to do Art and the teacher never forces the kids to do anything, but this time he actually did it.

We recently switched Nathan into Pre-School at the local Park & Rec since most of the Mom's in his class had pulled their children out of class because of the teacher. His new teachers make structure a big part of their class which may not be developmentally appropriate by so called experts, but this class actually prepares them for real school and is educationally appropriate. Nathan loves his new class and is actually making friends there.


Char'sWEB said...

thanks for the editorial there on appropriateness. Funny dad. We love you!

Char'sWEB said...

Nice editorial on "appropriateness". Funny daddy! We love you!